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W.R. Meadows

W. R. MEADOWS, INC. designs, manufactures and markets high quality products and systems for today’s construction professionals. Products are sold through their authorized distribution network. W R Meadows have multiple branch locations throughout North America, and our products are available in overseas markets as well.

Products cover every facet of the construction industry – from protecting and sealing concrete, expansion joints, and concrete restoration, to blocking the ingress of moisture through the building envelope. W R Meadows remain committed to producing environmentally friendly products and systems that meet or exceed the latest EPA standards and guidelines.

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Building Envelope Products

Waterproofing Envelope System

MEL-ROL® Products Sheet Waterproofing

MEL-ROL® Rolled, Self-Adhering Waterproofing Membrane

MEL-ROL® Low Temp Sheet Membrane MSDS

MEL-ROL® LOW TEMP Rolled, Self-Adhering Waterproofing Membrane

MEL-ROL® Sheet Waterproofing MSDS

MEL-ROL® XLT Rolled, Self-Adhering, Extra-Low Temperature Waterproofing Membrane

MEL-ROL® XLT Sheet Waterproofing MSDS

MEL-ROL® LM Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

MEL-ROL® LM All Season Datasheet

MEL-ROL® LM All-Season Liquid Membrane MSDS

MEL-ROL® LM Datasheet

MEL-ROL® LM Liquid Membrane MSDS

PRECON® and HYDRALASTIC Waterproofing Membranes

HYDRALASTIC 836 Datasheet

HYDRALASTIC 836 Cold-Applied Waterproofing Membrane MSDS

PRECON® Datasheet

PRECON® Blindside and Underslab Sheet Membrane Eaterproofing MSDS

CLAY-TITE™ Bentonite Blindside and Underslab Waterproofing

CLAY-TITE™ Waterproofing Membrane Datasheet

CLAY-TITE™ Bentonite Blindside and Underslab Waterproofing Membrane MSDS