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BASF Masterseal 345

With Master Builders Solutions, BASF introduces a global brand of advanced chemical solutions for construction. The brand builds on the strengths of many existing BASF brands and products and represents their experience of more than 100 years in the construction industry.

At Hardrock we are trained and certified to install a specialized waterproofing membrane from their product line. Masterseal 345 – Waterproof Membrane is a sprayable membrane. This product is used specifically for waterproofing concrete structures and water management systems. It can be applied between layers of sprayed or cast concrete, or as a standalone membrane.

Recommended for use in:

  • Cast-in-place or precast
  • Composite-designed sandwich structures (concrete/membrane/ concrete)
  • Underground structures with complex profiles and geometry
  • Bonds to steel and most sheet membranes and enables interface solutions with other waterproofing methods