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With recent technological breakthroughs in shotcrete technology over the past few years, it has enabled this technique to be used in tunneling construction methods national and international.

By the very nature of the ‘shotcrete material’, i.e. its ease of application & flexible working process makes it the perfect partner for the lining of tunneling. With any underground engineering project there will be complex geometries in the tunnel which construction companies need to allow for. The shotcrete technology & application techniques fit ‘hand in glove’ with these problems.

To see if the shotcrete tunneling technique can be used for tunnel lining, you need to review and evaluate the following criteria:

  • The products durability and quality
  • Final cost implications
  • Project timelines
  • Tunnel configuration & geometric complexity
  • Tunnel size and length
  • Finishing requirements and specifications

Shotcrete lining for tunnels is a great solution, cost effective with a considerable life span compared to other tunnel lining techniques. An additional benefit of this technique over other techniques id the resistance to ground movement, earthquakes and geological issues

Here is a summary of the some of the benefits of using Shotcrete as you preferred solution:

  • Lining – the lining of the tunnel is visible for easy inspection and maintenance
  • Durability & strength – life expectancy of this process is far greater than any other technique
  • Increased fire resistance – Ability to prevent fires
  • Ease of application – easy and cost effective application
  • Costs & timeline – reduce overall project costs and time
  • Minimal waste – reduce material wastage and costs


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