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Architectural Shotcrete

Architectural shotcrete application is increasingly used for a variety of artistic and architectural designs such as rock formations, trees, animals, waterfalls, theme park features and carved retaining walls. This application is typically used in theme parks, zoos, gardens, skateboard parks, commercial and residential swimming pools, landscaping and commercial building. The creative possibilities with architectural shotcrete are vast. If you have a project in mind let us know and we can help make your design a reality.

Hardrock has worked on several projects where architectural shotcrete was a component of the design creation. Some of these projects include the Halloween Haunt, the Guardian rollercoaster and mountain restoration at Canada’s Wonderland, the shark and manta ray tank at Ripley’s Aquarium, some of the wall work at 1 Bloor East and the carved wall at the City of Caledon water treatment plant.

For photos and descriptions of our architectural shotcrete work please visit the relevant sections in the Projects and Gallery pages.